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Holly B's very own cookbook, memoir and a brief history of Lopez Island is on sale now!

Holly Bower generously allows you into her kitchen and home, describing family life, the close community of small island living, and of course, her fabulous recipes that have been the staple of her bakery for over 33 years.

Delightfully rich images of Lopez life and kitchen moments are revealed in the block prints of Diana Luhn Bower. Beautifully edited by Sarah Eppenbach.

With Love and Butter tells the story of how Holly and her husband came to fulfill their dream of opening a country bakery, and the history of gentle Lopez Island. 144 pages.

Order your copy today!  Just send your order and check to:

Holly B's Bakery
PO Box 94
Lopez Island, WA 98261
(360) 468-2133

$24.25 per copy. Tax and shipping included.

Be sure to include your shipping address and phone number with all orders.


Diana Bower is a life-long artist and has worked in many mediums. Her linoleum prints of Lopez Island are evocative of the forms and textures that we see everyday here on the islands.

Including Diana's art in the cookbook evolved naturally, as Holly sought a way to convey the beauty of Lopez Island and share the art that she had grown up with.

Diana taught Holly all about food and baking, and they now both call Lopez Island home.

These images of Diana Bower's are linoleum prints and many are for sale at the Chimera Gallery on Lopez Island, just two doors down from the Bakery.